Fashion and design are temporary and ever changing. Trends come and go, but there are some values missing in the modern life, like stability and permanence. Perhaps that is why we appreciate things with history. Carefully passing on the family relics to the future generations, seeking true values. Some collect antiques and are astonished by the preserved condition of the items, but some create the history today so the children of their grandchildren could admire the same. What is it about? Of course – the interior and integral part of it: the furniture.  

Company Silmežs was founded in 1995. For more than a decade, the company's priorities are unmatched values ​​such as classic, quality and delicate taste. The elements of the interior that are designed, manufactured and assembled here are for experts and gourmets, for those who prefer exclusive items. These people are thorough and respectable. They bring home for one year, so the interior is also elegant, special and classically elegant.

How does our company achieve outstanding furniture quality? First of all, using exclusive tree species - oak, walnut, mahogany. Secondly, recruiting qualified specialists - artists, sculptors, woodcutters, carpenters. Each of them has his own secret secrets. But all together, working in the company Silmez, they create remarkable masterpieces. Everything depends only on the wishes of the customer - choose the material (usually the most successful are combinations of five or even several species of trees), style (from the Baroque to Latvia's favorite coat) and specifics (stairs, doors, wall panels), the rest will affect the company " Silmez "specialists.

The interior elements created by our craftsmen are unique and unique. No matter from the magazine table to the entire interior as a whole, there is no similar thing to others. It also hides the "exclusive" meaning of the word. Only parts, total stylistics can be repeated, but uniqueness is preserved.

The furniture and interior created by Silmežs can look at the hours, like the museum's exhibits, admire the performance technique, can touch the mirrored floor of the furniture surfaces, just like touching them in one hand after a hundred years, inhale the odor of precious wood and realize that eternal values ​​are right here, next to us. There was and will be.


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The furniture and interior manufactured by company Silmežs can be admired forever. Touching the mirror-smoothly polished surfaces in the same way and feeling the same sensations someone will feel after a century. Admiring the technique of craftsmanship, enjoying the fragrance of precious wood… realizing that the eternal values are right here next to us. Have been, and will be.


   15 Krustabaznicas str., Riga, LV-1006, Latvia

   +371 67556688



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   15 Krustabaznicas str, Riga, LV-1006, Latvia
   +371 67556688